Ryan Schildkraut named as Twin Cities Business Magazine’s “100 People to Know” for 2017

Each December, Twin Cities Business Magazine compiles a prestigious list of Minnesotans that people in business need to know for the year ahead. In selecting the list, the editors’ goal is to identify the key individuals who are expected to make an impact on local business, the regional economy and quality of life in 2017.

Ryan was selected as a “Pioneer” based on his advocacy for entrepreneurs and emerging business owners throughout Minnesota. After years of working with clients who felt that federal and state laws impeded their ability to raise money in the capital markets, Ryan co-authored the MNvest legislation, which legalized securities crowdfunding in Minnesota. He helped organize a group of politicians, business leaders, and other supporters in a grassroots campaign to educate Minnesotans on crowdfunding, and MNvest was signed into law on June 15, 2015.

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